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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
Gigabyte boards are not good for raid as most of them unless they've changed only allow JBOD for this. Asus and Intel boards are the best but you have to make sure the raid controller ends with a R ie... ICHxR for true raid setup.

** Edit ** The board suggested uses Southbridge: Intel® ICH9R so its good.

But again RAID really serves no purpose in a desktop environment so rethink that idea too.
All the current gigabyte intel chipset mobo's with an R on the end indicate ich8r or 9r.

And to say raid serves no purpose on a desktop mobo is very untrue ... try to recover your data when your only hard drive has failed!

My main work at home rig uses raid 5+0 and my backup main rig runs raid 1.

My son runs raid 5+0 and my daughter runs raid 1.

At least twice one of us has been very happy to just need to plug in a new drive to restore full raid protection with no loss of use of the puter while waiting for a replacement drive and 0 loss of data.

If you only game and surf on a rig, raid isn't as valuable to protect data, but it still protects against loss of use of the rig and all the re-install time to get it running again after a hdd fails. Of course raid 0 is NO protecton and also doubles the probability of rig down due to single hdd failure.
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