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Originally Posted by FtGF View Post
Well it's a deal breaker for you because you are simply not the market segment they are targeting. $300 case is not for everyone obviously it's for people who also have high-end systems. Corsair is not stupid they are not going after people who buy the HAFs and 900s they would have priced it accordingly if they were. The people who Corsair figures will buy these are the people who drop $500 on mobos and $300+ on ram and $600+ on gpus a $300 case for them is reasonable. If had not just bought a Lian-Li I would definitely consider this case and $300 is just right. Quite sure these will sell like hotcakes if they review well.
True, being an unemployed student with temporary jobs at best means I don't fall into their demographic. It doesn't mean, however, that I don't pay attention to all ends of the market. Although we've been comparing it mainly to full aluminum cases from Lian Li and Silverstone at the $300 mark, the steel body would mean its' main contenders would be cases like the Gigabyte Poseidon and Silverstone TJ904B, which also feature a nice aluminum face plate, at prices of $120-130. I adore the many extra features that come with the Obsidian as well but frankly, they could all be done without without too much too much fuss or extra material by a case modder which many people with high end systems are anyway, or at least they know someone who could do it for them for less than $170.

I appreciate all the thought put into this case too but engineering and marketing are two different departments and I certainly think marketing dropped the ball on this one by going for such a high retail price. Like I said, high end enthusiast computing simply isn't in my budget right now but if being in the community has shown me anything it's that the vast majority of people look for the best performance per price. And even factoring in time and labor for introducing better cable routing, a door on the back of the motherboard plate, fan holes/grills, a ~$100 powder coating job, and a ~$50 Dremel and cutting discs if you don't already have those, I doubt many would choose the retail over a DIY on a cheaper aluminum/steel case. And that's without factoring in having the skills and tools to do more such projects in the future and, more importantly, the "Hell yes, I am the king of all handymen" feeling a guy gets
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