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Originally Posted by FtGF View Post
Well it's a deal breaker for you because you are simply not the market segment they are targeting. $300 case is not for everyone obviously it's for people who also have high-end systems. Corsair is not stupid they are not going after people who buy the HAFs and 900s they would have priced it accordingly if they were. The people who Corsair figures will buy these are the people who drop $500 on mobos and $300+ on ram and $600+ on gpus a $300 case for them is reasonable. If had not just bought a Lian-Li I would definitely consider this case and $300 is just right. Quite sure these will sell like hotcakes if they review well.
The price tag is not the problem at all. Its that at 300 dollars USD, it doesn't compete with any steel cases since steel cases are not in this price range and your competing with alot of good aluminum cases. Since casing material is the biggest expensive in making a case, it has to have alot of crazy feature to make up for it.

Not only does aluminum have thermal dissipation properties and lighter but it also has a particular look that makes it look more sleek. E.g the anodized smooth look. One thing that it also has working against it, and this destroys much of the workability is a non removable motherboard tray.

Look at this particular case. - ABS Aplus ABS-Black Pearl Black Aluminum ATX Full Tower Computer Case - Computer Cases

All aluminum seperate bottom compartment, room for a dual radiator on top, just as nice in my opinion.

The price?


Thats half the price of the corsair. No matter what features the corsair has, I don't know how it can compete with that.

When corsair came out with their ps, they somewhat showed how much features and reliability you could get for the dollar. Does this case do the same thing? I don't think so because we know basically all the features and for 300US dollars, its not rewriting any rules. Basically we are paying for the harddrive cage and the wiring holes.

It misses alot of key features which is why I can't respect this case yet. E.g Aluminum, removable MB tray and larger bottom compartment which has room for radiators. For alot of people these features(and not price) are what are stopping people from liking this case.

Corsair knows it brand commands alot of respect and as a result, can charge higher than the likes of antec or coolermaster, kind of like their ram.
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