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My System Specs


Oh! Well that would be a worthy investment now wouldn't it? Thanks again! Not too bad a price for them either it seems

So I'm reconsidering my loop plans yet again. So much planning goes into this kind of cooling! But anyway so if I want two loops, I shoud get two separate reservoirs and obviously two pumps but then I would ALSO need to get two radiators correct?

Looking at that, it's a lot more expensive than a single loop. So I should just go for a single loop? No parallel loops? My understanding of parallel loops is that it's Res>pump>splitter>both loops do their thing>splitter>radiator>res. Is that correct? Or am I just making an idiot of myself?

And if there is really no benefit to that should I just go:
res>pump>cpu>gpu>chipset>radiator>res (of course please let me know if there is a better order to put it in)

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