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burebista, you have every right to question the results as I did the same thing when I first saw them. However, after discussing things at length with a few people it is obvious that the fan has a lot to do with this unit's performance. For the heck of it I substituted out the NF-P12 1300 on my current TRUE with an Ultra Kaze running at 2000RPM. Temperatures on my i7 920 ES dropped a good 4C when gaming and 6C during a Linpack test. That is huge.

The fact of the matter (and it was discussed in the review) is that at 3.8Ghz, the only thing that is stopping the 212 Plus from surpassing its thermal envelope is the speed at which the fan is running. Fortunately, the fan itself is pretty quiet for running at 2000RPMs but that doesn't stop it from impacting the results somewhat.
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