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Hey man add all the salt you like! :)~
Seriously though. You should take everything with a grain of salt. This reviewed is based off ONE Prolimatech and ONE CM 212+. IF I get a bad example it will throw everything out of whack no matter what I do.
But the fact remains this is a very good cooler with one serious kick ass fan. CM were very smart for doing this as it does boost its perfromance. Honestly, I am sorry the numbers don't line up like you hope they would but that is how they worked out. I truly would have been surprised if they hadn't as a HDT is very efficient at sucking heat away at lower OC's and the Prolimatech really only starts to shine when the heat is turned up.

If I put a 2000rpm fan on a Prolima it would probably get insane numbers BUT most peeps use 1300rpm fans and as such that is what we use for testing. Our testing is all about what most people are going to use as a setup and IF a fan comes with a 2k fan....they are going to use it 9 times out of 10. If it doesn't come with a fan....they are probably going to stick a 1300rpm on it. I did state in the conclusion this is why the Prolima is still the much better cooler but if I was unclear I appolgise.
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