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Burebista....sigh....I was waiting for when this was going to come up.
The 212+ comes STANDARD with a 2000rpm high static pressure fan.

The Prolimatech does not come with a fan.

As per our testing methodology page it was therefore tested with a NF-P12-1300 Noctua.

Most if not all 120mm capable Noctua coolers come with the NF-P12-1300 fan as well.

The NF-P12-1300 is a good all purpose fan. It is NOT a 2k rpm fan.

The 212+ is a DGV cooler because of this disparity and the fact its a HDT. Does this skew the numbers in its favor by a few degrees. Yes, BUT its the stock fan and that is relatively speaking how it will perform when compared to most coolers which come with the more "normal" 1300rpm fans.

LOL, you know I could if in the wrong mood consider your reply as being extremely hostile as one could read it as saying I'm lying, misinformed or just pulling numbers out of my butt. This is NOT the case but it is a less than optimal way of wording things if you are asking me a question. NOW if your intention was to troll thats another thing all together

I understand where you are coming from BUT this is what I found with my 212+ and my Prolimatech...and my etc etc. and saying there is "no way" it could be true does irritate me to the say the least.
This cooler as all coolers are tested and retested. The testing phase takes on average 15 hours or more to get the best possible results. The fact of the matter is an excellent cooler w/ a decent fan vs a good cooler with a GREAT fan usually results in the better cooler losing.

In the end YMMV.
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