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Default hit and run review

A little late to the party it seems. Nevertheless i've purchased a xfi forte as well since ncix had it on for 109.99. Pretty good deal, there's a $10 rebate but i don't really look forward to those. It's sold out as of right now; shame for those who missed out.

Long story short, my impression has been positive. I'm a Tower of Power fan and when i tried a few songs to compare, it's so crisp and clear so i'm shocked as to how much of a difference it made, and that we're talking about mp3s here.

I previously had a creative xfi xtrememusic. I'm not really sure where i stand on the whole crystalizer debate. Remember the days of that wow-srs plugin for winamp? It's like that, but now it's hardware based. CMSS i can assure you can do without. It seems to 'push' your speakers further away from you, best as i can describe it.

I remember reading somewhere that the card is long? It's the same length as my xtrememusic and shorter than my 8800GT, and i have no issues on my Gigabyte MA78GM-S2H, 780G model.

*edit* I have the Logitech Z5500 speakers.
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