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Originally Posted by 3oh6 View Post
Dragon F1 - XtremeSystems Forums

no more aluminum for this guy
Duhh shoulda figured that out heh, I was thinking of hardware not cooling. That's cool tho, love the look of those, Im interested to see what delta you see between the two.

Originally Posted by cadaveca View Post
From the "old" days, #53 global ranking on HWBOT, maybe I'll come out of retirement again and break top 50 worldwide, I had a slew of hardware failures that i needed to recover from($5k+ in dead hardware, but had 5 or 6 top scores). Anyway, Canada ain't outta the game yet!:
Right on. I'm in the same boat. Back in the AMD days I benched seriously a few days a week, bought and sold thousands $ in hardware, but since C2D Ive just killed soo much gear I stopped totally almost a year ago. Just had a run of bad luck for a while, couple grand worth of dead mem, 2 GPU, bunch of boards, etc. Now I just tweek at low clocks and test mem mainly. I will be getting back into things this winter though, I miss taking down that PB my a ms.

ps - set your country as Canada and represent!
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