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My System Specs


I would say one loop, both pumps if you can spare the change. The benefits mostly are that you will have redundancy in case of pump failure(not likely). My opinion is, dump the second pump and get a replacement top(more of a straight gain, you can use any barbs and it improves performance).

+1 with what MpG said, try Sidewinders, fast shipping and great service/prices.

Other than that, I would dump the anti-kink coil, unless you like the look of it you won't gain much, Tygon is soft bendy tubing(Primochill LRT is also very good in this respect). Some 45's might be helpful but are not at all necessary if you set things up well.

Other options for gpu block(performance is mostly the same):
aquagraFX for GTX 275 and GTX 260 (G200b) G1/4

And that's pretty much all:), the 275 is a hard lady to shop for.
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