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The selection you have there is pretty good, although I'm sure you've noticed that many of the components are out of stock. Additionally, FrozenCPU's service and selection is good, but their prices are often higher than other watercooling stores. If you go with slower fans (such as the S-Flex's) the Feser (or Swiftech, for that matter) rad will do well. Although if you go with higher speed fans, the GTX360 will perform better.

Originally Posted by SquattingDawg
My loops start at the reservoir since I can start both of them right there with my two pumps, my only problem now is to find a nice splitter fitting for 3/8" so that I can get both loops to end up in the radiator.
Looking at this, I'm going to guess that you have a one-res-two-loop plan in mind. I'm going to strongly suggest that you avoid this route. Aside from the increasing complexity, a common reservoir will allow the the two loops to mix with each other, which pretty much ruins the only possibly benefit having multiple loops would give you. Better to either run the pumps (and all the loop components) in series, or only use one pump period - you'd be surprised at how weak the benefits of that second pump would be.
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