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My System Specs


Only issue I have with Koolance is that they have burned customers in the past with some low quality parts(that rust!). Other than that their fittings are fine but the threading is not deep and the o-rings are not particularly thick, just means you have to be extra careful when screwing them in.

Fans: Yates(I believe the P12 is the one you want to look for) or Scythe(S-Flex/Slipstream)
Pump: 655/355(goes by many other names). The 655 is great because it flows like MAD and can be adjusted, while with a top the 355 will perform better BUT it will be louder and is not controllable on it's own(need a fan controller or something). Either way you go I really recommend a top, it just makes it so much easier in terms of mounting/fittings.

Blocks: well that's tricky, EK has blocks, Koolance is fine too, if you can be assured the correct motherboard blocks from Koolance do it, but if you DO cool the cpu don't use the K350, it is one of the most restrictive blocks on the market. A Heatkiller or Swiftech GTZ will work a lot better imo, an EK Supreme LT is also a good option(though not the best by way of temps/etc, though very affordable).

Edit: Don't believe all the hype about Thermochill/Feser rads blindly, a Swiftech rad can handle a lot more than they are given credit for.
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