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Originally Posted by pscout View Post
Giga p35-ds3l works well oc'ing my quads as a dedicated folding rig and <$100.

If you want raid, p35-ds3R oc's as well or maybe slightly better than the ds3l, and has a little better cooling.

Intel chipset mobo's are prolly gonna oc the best, and certainly the easiest.

I used to use mostly asus but they fell off my preferred list when they introduced their p35 mobos due to dropping the ps/2 kb port and higher power consumption. Prices are also higher. They have a nicer bios and i miss the power on idiot light on the mobo since i run mine caseless. Other feature differences don't matter to me since i run them as minimally config'ed dedicated folding rigs.

you might save a few $ going with 965 chipset mobos but i would rather have p35's. X38's don't seem to offer much if any performance advantage other than dual 16x pci-e which will only matter to a very few.
Gigabyte boards are not good for raid as most of them unless they've changed only allow JBOD for this. Asus and Intel boards are the best but you have to make sure the raid controller ends with a R ie... ICHxR for true raid setup.

** Edit ** The board suggested uses Southbridge: Intel® ICH9R so its good.

But again RAID really serves no purpose in a desktop environment so rethink that idea too.
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