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Giga p35-ds3l works well oc'ing my quads as a dedicated folding rig and <$100.

If you want raid, p35-ds3R oc's as well or maybe slightly better than the ds3l, and has a little better cooling.

Intel chipset mobo's are prolly gonna oc the best, and certainly the easiest.

I used to use mostly asus but they fell off my preferred list when they introduced their p35 mobos due to dropping the ps/2 kb port and higher power consumption. Prices are also higher. They have a nicer bios and i miss the power on idiot light on the mobo since i run mine caseless. Other feature differences don't matter to me since i run them as minimally config'ed dedicated folding rigs.

you might save a few $ going with 965 chipset mobos but i would rather have p35's. X38's don't seem to offer much if any performance advantage other than dual 16x pci-e which will only matter to a very few.

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