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Default About to build a new system

Hey everyone :]

I posted a thread regarding a gaming system I was going to put together a while ago but due to some set backs I had to put off on getting the parts and building the PC. Everything is all good now and I'm ready to get this started again, yay.

I made some revisions to my original list which I think are much more affordable and will be a system powerful enough for what it will be used for and more (mainly gaming). Again I'm totally open to suggestions and comments.

Case - Thermaltake Armour Black Full-Tower W/ 25cm side fan
CPU - Intel q6600
Hard Drive - Western Digital 500GB (5000 AAKS)
PSU - CM eXtream 650w

The only thing that I'm still unsure of is the motherboard... The memory I'm looking at is the Corsair XMS2 2GB PC6400 DDR2-800MH and for video a GeForce 8800gts 320mb, so basically I need a board that can support the Intel CPU, memory between 800 - 1066mhz and the video card. SLI would be nice too :]

Also not sure which company to get the card from. BFG has lifetime warranty and eVGA has some nice perks as well. I was thinking eVGA, seems like the best IMO.
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