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Default Potentially Stupid question about bootable image

Hello to all,
Most of our IT department is on vacation, only a couple of noobs here now. The problem is that we are getting a big shipment of leased Dells. Now the noobs have asked me how I would like the image installed, as Corporate is making us stick with XP til Win7, but the new machines of course have no floppy drive. The question as I see it is how to create a bootable image on CD that will work with XP. What I can't wrap my head around (and neither can the new kids in IT) is: fine, you can boot from the CD, but what about that part of the XP install where it asks for the Sata drivers? Since floppies are Fat16, can you even do that on a CD?

Obviously this isn't my area of expertise, I'm a game...ah, manager, but still I will need these 40 machines up and running. Short of hiring some merc IT guys, what are the options? Can a bootable image be created for XP, (and a few other bits, like office, network settings, so on) on a CD? I've used power ISO, but the question is still those darn sata drivers.

OK, I can hear you all laughing, and I admit it is a lame question: but: any ideas?
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