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The most important question regarding radiator is going to be what kind of fans, and how fast are you going to be running them? Radiators are optimized for certain fan speeds, but will give up performance at other speeds. In your case, it's a pretty clear-cut difference. The Black Ice GTX radiators are optimized for higher fans speeds (say, ~1500rpm and higher), whereas the Swiftech radiators are optimized for speeds below that. I have yet to see any proper data on the Koolance radiators. Stacking the Swiftech rads is an option, but testing I've seen so far has suggested that forcing air through two radiators needs very high-speed fans before any real benefits are seen. Probably best to stick to single radiators, to be honest.

Originally Posted by SquattingDawg
I've decided that I'm going to use 3/8" ID nozzles with 1/2" OD so that means i'm going to use 1/2" ID tubing.
Hold up! Not correct. 3/8" ID on nozzles means that it's meant to for 3/8"ID tubing. A little confusing, I realize. You'll need to decide what kind of fittings you want to use for everything. Regular fittings, all you care about is the ID. Stick with 3/8" and you're golden. Compression fittings, you'll need to watch out for the outside diameter of the tubing as well. Depending on how thick the tubing walls are, you can get 3/8" tubing with either an 1/2" OD (Koolance tubing), or 5/8" OD (some other brands). You'll need to match up the proper compression fittings in order to get a proper seal.
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