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Originally Posted by sheepdogexpress View Post
Man corsair is way too loved now adays because of their power supplies. Which are getting overly recommended these days considering the strong competition out now.

This case is 300USD dollars and is made out of steel. If you go to, there is no case that is steel/aluminum at this price.

The closest being a thermaltake with a liquid cooling system preinstalled.

I would have no beef against this system, if it was made out of aluminum which is entirely possible at this price and considering the likes of lian-li and silverstone has been done. Heck the antec is atcs is aluminum and has some of the best cooling in the business and is 190US.

What Corsair decided to do here is take advantage of its name branding so it can increase its margins by removing the aluminum, because they know people will buy this for the corsair name alone.

This is hardly revolutionary or market changing like their power supplies which seemed to make people love corsair too much.
With all the thought that went into this case I think $300 is a steal. All the features of every good case in the market rolled into one. You don't even have to worry about stripping it to get it powder coated. I have a full tower Lian-Li and wish it had some of the little features on this thing. Also who cares if it's made out of steal how often do you move a full tower case around? My Lian-Li fully-loaded weighs a ton! Also the heat difference its almost zero. Corsair is liked so much because they release great products! They have always been one of the best for ram, now for PSUs and they want to get into the case market of course people are excited why wouldn't they be? I for one am not hating on this case and hope it rocks!
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