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Originally Posted by steers View Post
It looks like there might be a couple out there other than the Obsidian, but this is the first consumer case I've seen with the ability to hot-swap drives from the front of the case (that's a capability usually left to server cases). The first I was able to find is the Lian-li TYR PC-X2000. The second, very similar case is the ABS Canyon. Both of these cases are HUGE, hard to find or very expensive, whereas the Obsidian is of standard full tower dimensions, and is going to hit stores for $299 USD.

The "offical word" is Q3 2009, so some time between July and September

It was originally supposed to come out early July, but due to issues with retooling, etc. they've had to push it back.
Yeah i remember hearing something about july but nothing since. OT but the haf 922 blocks my TRUE backplate by about half an inch so that hole is kinda useless to me.
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