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My System Specs


I'm thinking you'll be fine.... all the evidence I can find points that way.... from various forums:

my GTX 260 is powered by a Corsair HX520
About maximal power draw...

GTX 260 has a TDP of 182W which is ~15 amps total on 12V (5V current draw should be minimal). Those 15A will be split between the PCIe slot and the 2 connectors, and each source should draw no more than ~6A (75W), so you should be fine as long as you spread the load across your rails.
I'm running mine fine off a of an Antec 500w
Seconded! I'm running my C2D @ 3.1ghz + 2GB RAM + GTX 260 OC'd on an Antec Earthwatts 500 with no problems.
And finally, Xbit labs reports the GTX 260 eats up 136W of power, so about 11 amps of draw on the 12 volt line.

This is the system they ran a GTX 280 with

AMD Athlon 64 FX-55 CPU (2.6GHz)
EPoX EP9-NPA+ SLI mainboard (Nvidia nForce4 SLI)
PC3200 (2x512MB, 200MHz)
Western Digital Raptor WD360ADFD HDD (36GB, SATA-150, 16MB buffer)
Chieftec ATX-410-212 PSU (410W)
Based on that, plus they claim the 260 eats 136W, you should be able to SLI with a good quality 550W....

More is better, of course.
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