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let's see if i can help appplejack

1) try to match brandnames for router/adapter. This way you can take advantage of proprietary "speed boost" or "range boost" styles of technology.

2) i would get an adapter with a diversity antenna (2 or more instead of a single). WiFi generates lots of reflections and "noise" as it travels through and around obstacles, the dual or triple antennas help to cancel out a lot of that, making the signal-to-noise ratio that much better. I would recommend something like this... LINKSYS Wireless-G Business PCI Adapter with RangeBooster at Memory Express Computers Check your budget for a wireless N card instead tho for future-proofing your investment.

3) USB vs PCI is almost a non issue for most users. USB does incur some added CPU overhead VS PCI but on desktops as old as 5 years (and newer) this is almost a moot point. You can be almost guaranteed that a usb style wifi dongle will have a single antenna (no diversity) and/or have no connections for an exterior or after-market antenna. I would go PCI if it were my money.

Setting up the wifi connections is as easy as following the setup "wizard" on the linksys router. I think you will do fine.

Here are some things that can disrupt your WiFi network once it is up and running.
- cordless phones that are not DECT 2.0 will interfere with your wireless signal
- microwave ovens will interfere with your wireless signal

Make sure the above items are not between your router and your computer.

hope this helps
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