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Default Need suggestions on new PC build

The first thing I have to say is, WOW there is so much information here that it got me overwhelmed.

I am looking on building a PC in the next 1 1/2 months and read a lot of information on the forum. Since there is just such a huge wealth of information out there and this is my first PC build in roughly 3-4 years it got me quite confused. I would appreciate any help you guys/girls can give me in building a PC for my use.

In regards to spending cash, I am looking to spend between $1200-$1500 on this system with hopes to include 1-2 monitors.

Primarily I'll be using this system for office use, as well as graphics/multimedia and some gaming (when no one is looking).

Due to me having to always multi-task when it comes to documents and graphics/multimedia I am looking for a strong CPU (wouldn't mind trying the i7) and lots of memory.

At this time - as I am not familiar to much with overclocking - there is no strong emphasis laid on it, neither is there on what brand things are... oh before I forget, since my last build was over 3-4 years ago I won't be reusing any parts - 100% from scratch.

Look forward to suggestions and if you got questions please ask me I'll do my best to reply.



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