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I have the same MB as you, and a Q9450.
I'm running FSB 475 OCCT Linpack stable. (I hit mid 70's on air with my Vendetta 2

Just a few things to keep in mind.
-Set you MCH strap to 400mhz
-Set ram to 2.00D multiplier
-I'm using the following voltages, but I by no means guarantee they're safe
Vcore 1.375 with Load Line calibration enable (droops to 1.34v cpu-z constantly load or idle)
CPU PLL 1.61v
CPU Termination 1.34v
CPU Ref auto, (this will be a % of termination)
MCH Core 1.32v
MCH Ref auto
RAM is at 2.1V (mine is warranted for 2.2v)
I believe I set all other volts to normal

Make sure your memory clocks are relaxed enough not to interfere, you can tighten them later once you get CPU stability. I use 5,5,5,15 with a Trd of 10 for FSB 475. The Trd value is under the advanced memory timing options. Make sure you set both channels to 10 for FSB testing. Any lower and you may be limiting yourself. I sometimes have problems posting a 8 or 9. Hope something here helps.
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