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Default Notes on using dual PSUs

I have two systems that use dual PSUs. It isn't absolutely necessary; as others have pointed out above, you could just use one good PSU. But I can tell you that your system will never be quiet if you're running 4 powerful GPUs off of one PSU (I mean modern GPUs that require two power connectors each, not the weaker ones that have only one connection).

For example, I have a Folding@home rig that hosts two 8800GTXs and two 9800GX2s. My Enermax Galaxy EVO 1250 can handle all of that, but it's as loud as a vacuum cleaner. So instead, I'm using two quality, high-power PSUs, splitting the load between them. In this manner, neither is being called upon to deliver even 50% of its rated capacity; and so both PSUs remain blissfully quiet. And this quietude is worth it to me to go to the trouble of dual PSUs.

By the way, as far as I know, there are only about 3 cases on the market that are designed to house two PSUs...otherwise you'll need an open rig of some sort. The Nzxt Khaos and the Antec P190 both come with a cable that starts both PSUs at the same time; otherwise you could buy a dual-PSU adaptor cable from (it was less than $10, if I remember).
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