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My System Specs


First, do not run your Ram timings on Auto; select Manual and choose the SPD speeds (probably 5-6-6-15). Second, use Core temp, it's more precise - are you sure your HSF is properly seated? Your load temps are high, for such a low OC and low volts.

Third, your Ram is rated @ 667Mhz. While oc'ing, you're asking for 720Mhz (failed to load). You need to raise the volts to 2.0, and the raise the NB volts (yes, FSB termination) as needed to have a successful POST. If no POST, loose the timings even further, to 6-6-6-18.

Forth, while using Orthos choose Blend and run for at least 30 minutes, but not before running 2 instances of SuperPi, 32M. This will test your Ram stability.

Remember, you have a Ram rated at a lower speed than your CPU. This is what is holding back your OC. Not your CPU - heck mine is running @ 3.36, and has run @ 3.6.
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