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Originally Posted by CroSsFiRe2009 View Post
So this is a short question but is it possible to use two power supplies for one system? I'm thinking of doing this since getting two power supplies for the same single power supply with equivalent wattage is much chaeaper. Looking at building a folding rig with 4 gtx260 216's, a 790fx and a x3 710. With OCZ GameXStream 500W's $30 after MIR at Canada Computers getting two is just $60 + tax.

In this case, I'd be hooking up 2-3 of the gtx 260's to one power supply while the other is powering the last video card and the rest of the system. Would I be able to hook up the case switch to power on both power supplies at the same time or turn on the video card psu on first and then the mobo psu second? I'm assuming the second scenario is also possible since a dead mobo can have a video card with a fan spinning and powered up afaik.

And yes I know, a $100 corsair 750w is nice but that $40 can go towards another 9600gso

So in short..will it work?
Short answer? Yes.
Good idea? No.

Get a single GOOD psu and call it a day.
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