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Default graphics card?

what graphics card would you guys recommend for a HTPC? I'm going to be using it for playing ripped blurays and downloaded hd music videos primarily.

I'm more concerned about the latter personally; I've heard that nvidia's purevideoHD kicks the ass out of ATI's avivo and i want to 'boost' the music video IQ as much as I can. anyone wanna give some feedback on that?

another requirement is being able to put audio through its HDMI port, although if i need a sound card to make this happen, its not a problem. also, the HDMI port would preferably be native, as opposed to being a dongle. lastly, a passive solution is heavily preferred(for those times when i have to keep my TV quieter).

so, what do you guys recommend?

ps anyone know where to get good music videos from? official sites? artists' cds?
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