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3. Downloading and finding your 'remote control' or admin system.

Source Mod

If you are going to be using this server a lot or have it full with people you will need some sort of admin tool. Yes you can use rcon but it is very basic, I would suggest Sourcemod or Mani-Admin; they both are feature packed and are very easy to use.

Note! I would like to tell new server hosters to pick source mod because Mani-Admin is outdated and can be insecure, Sourcemod also allows a lot of scripting.

Installing Mani-Admin-Plugin:

Using Mani Admin Plug-in as VSP is the most common way.

Installing Mani Admin Plugin
If you want to hook Mani Admin Plugin as VSP, execute the CreateVDF.exe located in your \addons folder and select your Game Mod, after that hit "Save VDF" and save the newly created file locally. If you're using Linux and can't use the .exe, create a new file called mani_admin_plugin.vdf, open it with notepad and paste the following into it (for Cs:S only, needs to be adapted for another mod):

"file" "../cstrike/addons/mani_admin_plugin"

Now you should have a file called mani_admin_plugin.vdf placed in your addons folder. Now it's depending on your type of server where to install/upload the files to:

If you want to use Mani for a Listenserver
(a server created ingame via the "Create Game" menu point) copy this 4 folders to
- Installpath\SteamApps\accountname\path of your mod\yourmod

If you want to use Mani for a dedicated Server hosted at home
copy this 4 folders to
- Installpath\SteamApps\accountname\source dedicated server\yourmod

If you want to use Mani for a dedicated rented server
upload this 4 folders via an FTP File Client Tool into the root folder of you mod (Filezilla is a good FTP Client)

Notice that if you're planing to use custom skins on your server, you've to download the skins folders as well, as they aren't provided within the download of Mani Admin Plugin anymore.

Afterwards, open your mani_server.cfg (via PSPad or some similiar Notepad) and adjust it for your wishes. Afterwards, you need to install your admins and add exec mani_server.cfg into your server.cfg .

Please restart your server and Mani Admin Plugin should be working on your server. You can verify this via typing ma_version into the server console and it should reply with Mani Admin Plugin and its version number.

Installing Sourcemod:


A GUI Web Browser to retrive Metamod and SourceMod compressed archives. A tool to copy archive to your dedicated server host.
SourceMod requires Metamod:Source 1.4.3 or higher. Click here to visit the Metamod:Source homepage. Instructions to install SourceMM muanually can be found here.
SourceMod will run on any mod built using the Source SDK. It also supports "The Ship," which uses the Source engine.

Local Server

To install SourceMod locally, simply extract the .zip (Windows) or .tar.gz (Linux) package to your mod folder (i.e. cstrike for Counter-Strike, dod for Day of Defeat, et cetera). Download Here
Remote Server

To install SourceMod remotely, first extract the .zip (Windows) or .tar.gz (Linux) package to your local computer (for example, your Desktop). You will see an addons folder.
Using a tool such as FTP, locate your mod folder (i.e. cstrike for Counter-Strike:Source, dod for Day of Defeat:Source, et cetera). Underneath this folder, you should have an addons folder (if not, Metamod:Source is probably not installed). From your local addons folder, upload the entire contents to your remote addons folder. When done, your remote addons folder should have a sourcemod folder.
If you have trouble with these steps, you need to get acquainted with FTP and server management. However, you can also ask your server provider for help. Some providers also have web interfaces for managing your server.
Alternatively, if you copied the tar.gz to your srcds directory, execute the following from the cstrike sub directory: tar -xzf ../sourcemod-1.1.0.tar.gz
Checking the Install

Your folder layout should look like:
  • [mod] - Your mod's folder
    • addons
      • metamod - Metamod:Source
      • sourcemod - SourceMod
Once SourceMod is uploaded/copied and configured with Metamod:Source, restart your server completely. If it is local, shut it down and restart it. If it is remote, you may need to ask your server provider for help. However, it is often safe to issue a "quit" command via rcon, and most providers will automatically restart your server.
First, in your server console (not client console), type:
meta list If the install worked, you will see something like:
] meta list
Listing 1 plugin:
[01] SourceMod ( by AlliedModders LLC You should then be able to use the SourceMod root console command, which can be invoked with simply:
sm For example:
] sm version
SourceMod Version Information:
SourceMod Version:
SourcePawn Engine: SourcePawn 1.1, jit-x86 (build 1.1.0-svn)
SourcePawn API: v1 = 4, v2 = 2
Compiled on: Sep 5 2008 02:02:12
SourceMod: Half-Life 2 Scripting

Lastly, assuming you have already setup your administration user, you can test the in game menu by joining the server, and in the client console type the following:
sm_admin You should see a menu popup with all you options.

If the install failed, you will generally see one of four symptoms.
Metamod reports NOFILE or FAILED

If "meta list" replies with something like this:
] meta list
-Id- Name Version Author Status
[01] - - - NOFILE Most likely, either the files are not located in the correct place, or the file could not be loaded. For more information, use the following command (except use the correct list number):
meta list 1 Metamod lists no plugins

If "meta list" replies with something like this:
] meta list
-Id- Name Version Author Status You forgot to add SourceMod to the addons/metamod/metaplugins.ini file. Or if that doesn't fix your problem, make sure you are using the correct build of Sourcemod (zip = windows, tar = linux).
Metamod says nothing

If "meta list" has no reply at all, Metamod:Source is not properly installed. This wiki page may provide you with clues on how to solve this problem.
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