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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Chilly View Post
Don't worry, the fact that they don't hide the 16ms TRUE black to white/white to black response rate is awesome.
At least they don't hide it agreed - I always get a good laugh when I see monitors advertized as 2ms..... As far as the HP I am confused, is it 16ms or 12ms - Some sites report it as 16ms, official specs at 12ms ?

Its around 25-30ms, better than both the Dells you were looking at, non-noticeable for 95% of gamers/people.
30ms - wow isn't that a bit high ? I get less than that pings on some game servers FFS - aren't the Dells and others 9-10ms ? On FPS that require precise movements and aiming that lag can be a problem - I am liking my CRT more and more now ! :D

As for the "bright colors" its a side effect of high gamut, impossible to avoid it in non color managed programs, EVERY monitor that has a NTSC/RGB rating higher than 72/76%, aka sRGB, has this so called "issue". Its has nothing to do with the specific monitor model, bur rather every high gamut monitor made and sold.
That's not a problem you can reduce saturation - my concern is the red/green bias on some of these monitors, impossible to get rid of despite adjustments.

Luckily as long as you use color aware programs its not an issue. For example Photoshop, and Firefox are colour aware and will displays images correctly. Some people even like the exaggerated colours, apparently it makes games more feel more vibrant, but most people won't even notice the diffrence.
What I don't understand is how can HP and Dell for example advertize those monitors as "professional" for video editing, photographers requiring color accuracy when they are far from accurate. I do a lot of photo retouching and color correction - Colors shifted or too bright can completly set me off - Imagine corrected a photo that appears overly saturated on your LCD, that will appear dull on a client's CRT or regular LCD... This is why I bloody hate LCDs so much, and I cannot see how PROFESSIONALS can use this unless the monitor is perfectly calibrated with professional color calibration device.

For gaming I wouldn't care much about the bright colors anyways - raise the gamma a little and it would compensate - but for photograph correction, ouch ! I have done a lot of that on my CRT and never received ONE complaint - on an LCD I would likely get killed - if I have to correct the same photo on an LCD I would likely have to reduce gamma or curves, reduce chroma, change hue - on an otherwise GOOD photo that would now look like CRAP on some TVs :D

I want to try this one but no store here sells it, I cannot find it ANYWHERE but online - I want a place where I can buy it and return it if I don't like it without getting ripped off on shipping back and restocking.

All that Microbytes and Futureshop sells are crappy TN panels, that's ALL they have. :D
99.9% of suckers who buy them around here don't know what TN is let alone what ANY of the specs leaves us more aware people in the cold !
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