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Without an extreme model you can only lower the cpu multi within the supported range. On a 6600 default is 9 and you can lower it to 7 on most mobos manually.

If speedstep (aka eist) is enabled it will lower vc and multi automatically under low load to save energy and reduce heat. You want to disable eist and c1e when you overclock. EIST if enabled, will not let you adjust vc, at least not on any intel chipset mobo i have used.

I have never used an nvidia chipset mobo with c2d and c2q but i thought they would let you run memory lower than 1:1 ... ie independent of fsb? Other than supporting sli, that was about the only advantage they have over intel chipsets.

If you are running 6400 memory, there should not be a need to run the memory at less than 1:1. 400 fsb at 1:1 will be running 6400 memory at stock speed on intel chipsets. I assume the nvidia runs dual channel so it should be the same.
Not sure how well 4gb of memory will oc beyond stock especially if it is 4x1gb sticks. All my rigs are 2 sticks of 512 or 1gb.

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