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Default upgrade form antec 300

Hi everyone,

i know a lot of you know much more about case than me... so that why i ask the question..

First, that my hardware

i7 920 stock hs(back to stock for now)
6gb dominator
evga gtx260 55nm
samsung dvd burner
wd caviar black 640 x1 now (i think i will upgrade to 3 soon)
antec 300 moded

mod to the 300:
removing the hd holder
add lian li hd holder il drive bay
hole for cable management
hole to remove water block without removing the mobo
add 2 120mm yateloon on front(1350rpm)
and noctua p12 on side(1300rpm)

bolt antec tricool are at low

The problem: I hate this case, it sound like washroom, i remove all my water cooling stuff to have a quiter case(mcp350 is too loud for me), i still way to buy a noctua 1366se edition(back order on ncix) but i think i need a bether case

Than was my option for the moment

1: Zoob have an mountain mod twice7 for sale in her FS thread(for a long time i want to try a mountain mod), but i have 2 question about this case, anyone know if tower style hs will fit in this case? does mountain mod are quite?(with the right fan)

2: Lian li pc-A05NB, i can find a BNIB one for 90$ on egg, but the only thing i know about this case is i need to mod the top to have bether airflow

3: Another option?

What i want:
Small case
with a windows is bether, but i can mod it
can fit tower style HS or 120.2 rad

you have a question to help me more? feel free to post in the thread
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