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Default Notebook LCD Swap

Hey everyone,

I have been looking to get a new LCD panel for my laptop which is a HP NX6325 with a 15" lcd that currently only supports 1024x768 resolutions.

There are several models of the NX6325 and some came with 15" lcd's that support better resolutions such as 1400 x 1050.

Now my question is can i buy an lcd that supports upto 1400 x 1050 resolutions. My ATI graphics can support up to can support upto 2048 x 1536 resolution. Will i be able to use the 1400 x 1050 lcd in my laptop? I read on an ebay listing that i cant use a 1400 x 1050 display if i originaly have a 1024 x 768.

Thanks in advance for any information

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