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I reseated the CPU heatsink and fan, replaced my power supply with Corsair HX1000W and added a 120mm fan over the video cards, much better results now. CPU idles in low 50's and is typically in the 60's when working, have seen it in the high 80's/low 90's after running prime95 for a long time. Motherboard is in the low 40's idle and mid 50's under a load. The biggest improvement is the video cards, two Asus EAH4870 1GB DK's running in crossfire idle in the low 50's and operate in the upper 70's under a good load. Below is a screen shot right after finishing a 10 loop run of the Crysis benchmark tool at 1920x1200, very high details, dx10, 64-bit. Results were 34.5 FPS average. You can see the current/low/high temps.

I plan on replacing my CPU fan very soon with a Noctua Push/Pull setup.

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