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Originally Posted by DarKStar View Post
lol well I get that on my CRT - if your frame rate is higher than your refresh that's normal - which is why I always use VSYNC and TB - I'm not fussy about frame rate - my eyes are happy with 75fps even 60fps........ The price of this HP is about what I paid for my viewsonic pro series - I wonder about the input lag on this HP - imagine if this same HP had multi-LED. I think 400cd/s is overkill, it's enough bright to burn your eyes. I think I will check this monitor out myself :D
Don't worry, the fact that they don't hide the 16ms TRUE black to white/white to black response rate is awesome. The 6ms GTG is pretty much what everyone else would only advertise, so when comparing specs to other monitors, use the 6ms GTG as that's what every one else uses in their spec sheets. As for the input lag, Its around 25-30ms, better than both the Dells you were looking at, non-noticeable for 95% of gamers/people.

As for the "bright colors" its a side effect of high gamut, impossible to avoid it in non color managed programs, EVERY monitor that has a NTSC/RGB rating higher than 72/76%, aka sRGB, has this so called "issue". Its has nothing to do with the specific monitor model, bur rather every high gamut monitor made and sold.

Luckily as long as you use color aware programs its not an issue. For example Photoshop, and Firefox are colour aware and will displays images correctly. Some people even like the exaggerated colours, apparently it makes games more feel more vibrant, but most people won't even notice the diffrence.

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