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Default Core2 overclocking

Since I've now delved into the inner workings of overclocking a core2 I have a questions about the extremes.

1) I know unless you buy a Extreme processor the multiplier is locked but what if you went above the multiplier on a locked cpu, what would happen? Would you fry the chip or damage it? What about an Extreme processor? They say the multiplier is unlocked but how high can you go before it'll damage or not allow the cpu to work?

2) When overclocking you ultimately want your fsb:mem to be 1:1 but it doesn't seem like that is entirely possibly on a Extreme chip. Take this for example...

Example 1
Multiplier @ 10 with FSB @ 1360 (340) = 3.4ghz

Now with memory pc-6400 for example won't run below 400mhz so you can't get a 1:1 ratio.

Example 2
Multiplier @ 13 with FSB @ 1040 (260) = 3.4ghz

Again memory won't run at 260.

So how do you overclock a qx6850 and get a 1:1 or is it even possible?
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