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Default fan controller question...

I have been looking around for a fan controller to put in my new case to finish it off... i wanted one that could also double as an LED controller as well. The sunbeam Rheobus offers LED control, but ive read a lot of reviews about that unit... and a large number of people have said it has caught ON FIRE, so im staying away from that one.

I was looking at the Scythe KAZE Q
Scythe "KAZE Q" Fan Controller 3.5inch

Does anyone know if I would be able to hook up an LED strip to this model? The LED has a molex connector, but its only 2 pins. I have a 3-pin to molex adapter that should be able to connect the LED light to the fan controller... i just dont know if it will work, or if its even safe. Can anyone give me some more info on this?

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