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Originally Posted by Chilly View Post
... Huh...

Wait... What?

How'd you come up with this workaround in the first place?

I'm not sure anyone here and tell you whats wrong, or why rubbing the PSU with one hand while keeping the other on the case seems to get it running again. Perhaps your computers a little sexually deprived?

See if you can borrow a friends PSU to see if that's the issue, other than that... I'm kinda, well, speechless.
Well i was laughing the moment I started to read your response Chilly.

But on a serious note, didn't the op say he had problems in the past when it was poor weather outside (raining/thunder storms) and the culprit was high humidity within the house (and a sensitive rig). It could be this occurring again if it only happens when there is high humidity (again i recommend getting a dehumidifier for the house).

If its not, then well, uh... red light district?
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