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Originally Posted by Realityshift View Post
Those thermaltake fans IMHO are over rated, Noctuas will easilly be quieter then a thermaltake fan, I agree with the comments made on the build, you did a great job on your original build. I personally like the xigmatek thors hammer HSF over the noctua, I know lots of people will fight tooth and nail for noctua but their HSFs are a tad lacking imo especially for their reletive price point.

The ATCS is a great case and I wish I could afford one, theres no way Id change it out for a haf, although the haf is a decent case, aluminum all the way. Even being a newbie you should look at maybe some prebuilt watercooling kits, just for the fun of it and lowering your temps a touch, I know alot of people call the swiftech kits boring but they always have everything you need and cool decently, and are super easy to setup for a first timer. But really solid first build even if you keep the thermal take fans youll love that computer and it will handle anything you throw at it =)
Thanks for the advice :)
However, my question still stands.
How are the Noctua fans better than the Thermaltake?
They run at the same RPM, yet the Thermaltakes are 3.8 dba quieter.
ISGC vs NF-P12

Again, thanks for the feedback!
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