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My System Specs

Default should jump over to if you want to find out how to quiet up that case your getting. However, I came to the conclusion that of all things in a computer other than coil whine which you can't do much about, the hard drive is whats going to be annoying you the most. CPU and GPU can both be quieted down easily with coolers but with the hdd, short of getting a ssd, your pretty much out of luck. I managed to make my antec 300 (which is pretty horrible for quiet computing tbh) quiet but it involved...shall we say unorthodox methods. Basically putting a hard drive in a steel Hammond box with gel packs (the kind you put in the fridge) is what I did. It's also known as the 'alleycat' enclosure over on SPCR if you want to take a look. I probably wouldn't suggest it with a hot drive but with low temp drives like a WD green, it should be fine. So today's lesson, choosing your components well matters quite a bit since a good case can't always quiet down everything.

And yes, I'm a silence nut if you can't tell by now :P

Oh and if you want to cheap out on case dampening material, you can always mass load your side panels with bitumen (haven't tried it myself though since it's a bit dangerous and messy for my liking). Some silence nuts have even tried floor tiling since it's pretty dense lol. Oh and before I finish my text wall, remember to tape up any non-vent holes in your case, shouldnt be much in the p180 though. Also, file out the angled slats on the fan grille and dremel out that fan guard at the back so less turbulence.

I'm done, ....for now

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