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My System Specs


Originally Posted by DarKStar View Post
I strongly recommend dual boot - Simple tasks are a few clicks in Windows XP whereas you go through many hoops in Windows 7 - you can't revert to classic on everything now - For gaming I'd stick to Windows XP SP3 where DX9 is concerned, because of the new architecture of VISTA and the emulated nature of DX9, games somehow run faster in XP. However for DX10 games I use VISTA - so it's always good to dualboot. For Windows 7 I'd wait until it matures and drivers mature with it, much like I did with XP.
I see you're a Windows XP fan, and only use Vista for DX10. XP is dead, and it's going to disappear eventually.

The OP should have no problem running DX9 games on his computer in Vista/7. You'll maybe experience one, maybe two fps lower in Vista should it ever happen in rare circumstances? STAY AWAY FROM XP!
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