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Originally Posted by geokilla View Post
So I can just use Vista 64 bit drivers on Windows 7 64 bit?

I don't mind getting more RAM, but I might see how 2GB runs in Windows 7 first. I'm like a casual gamer, playing games like CoD4 every once in a while so that shouldn't be a huge problem. However if I get more RAM, I'll have to figure out what to do with my current 2GB kit.

@Chilly. What were you trying to do in Windows 7 that you can't do on XP?

@Nodscene. What's wrong with the quick launch?
Its just the little things you get used to like the breadcrumb address bar, the "window snapping", start menu, instead of searching through menus for what I want, I just type the program name in and hit enter. Its just a lot of little things that make working in Windows 7(and most of them were in Vista as well) so much faster, more efficient, and better. Its things you get used to without realizing.

It doesn't really hit you unless you go back to XP and go "why the hell can't I do this the quick, fast and easy way! Now I gotta do it the long way".

Yes, you can use Vista x64 drivers in Windows 7 x64, since they are based off the same code base(think how Windows 2000 is to XP). As for the quick launch, well, its redundant(thanks to superbar) so they got rid of it(not completely ofc, but). If you dislike the superbar, and want to have the quickbar back you can, its just hidden by default.
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