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Originally Posted by belgolas View Post
Well I just started and I think it is working.WU End is Nov 6. It is only using 25% of my cpu speed. Using the Graphical Client. User Name is Old_Ladies.
Welcome to the team!

The unicore client will only use 1 core since it is single threaded.

While the graphical client is easiest to install, it is also prone to open gl conflicts with other app's. Still, not a bad way to get started. With a single unicore instance on your quad you are probably only gonna get about 10-15% of your quad's potential.

Once you get comfortable with folding you may want to switch to a higher performance configuration. We can give you a hand when/if you want to switch. Best to startup a new thread of your own here when you do.

I find it hard to keep on top of situations/progress when we get several of these activities going in 1 thread and it is easy to miss single posts.
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