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My System Specs


Darkstar, you seem to be forgetting that we are paying $200 for these monitors, not $500. Add to that the IPS panel can display 16 bit native along with other non TN panels. This is the reason we are happy to be getting new non TN economy panels in the market. My current Dell 2407-HC is astonishing at the color range and clarity. If I had actually believed 1/2 the bogus reviews on it I never would have bought it and I have never been happier. THe higher resolutions are the only way to play and considering my $100 (new) HD 4830 can play pretty much any title @ 1920X1200. I don't understand why you actually need to spend $300+ on a video card except for some nice e-peen. Not trying to start an argument over this, but most of your arguments are really not valid.

I concede that a GOOD CRT can outperform a LCD panel, but you cannot condemn current models for even 1/2 the reasons you are using.
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