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Economy or not, it's much the same, even the higher-end ones still have their problems....

Well you can say whatever you want - if I go for LCD it would be a major step back for me - Most people buy LCD because of size and weight - and no, you are wrong I HAVE seen and used many LCDs and tested many - nothing has come even close to CRT - it's a shame because for $500 in the days I could get a good quality Viewsonic CRT - even at that price now for LCD I would not even even close. Funny but I paid some $$$ for a graphics card that has tons of features and 24bit color - something most LCDs cannot even reproduce because TN panels = 6bit color + crap dithering - Where is my beloved HDR and smooth gradiant colors from my CRT ? It IS a shame that CRT monitors are not sold anymore, anywhere - I think for serious gamers and people concerned about QUALITY and COLOR accuracy, CRT is the way to go. Companies are CHEATING their customers with overrated monitors and false claims - Take the Viewsonic VLED22 as an example of misrepresentation - the monitor is a piece of JUNK combined with a single LED and absolutely horrid performance compared to even CCFL TN panels......... And it is not just me but this comes out quite often about the gamma and color problems on today's LCD. I have yet to see ANY LCD monitor that is decent - they either have a green bias, yellowish tone, blueish tone, washed out colors (Dell), poor viewing angles, backliht bleeding, poor uniformity (Samsungs), etc.
not to mention that you are FORCED to use native resolution and do not have the flexibility of going a notch down in resolution for gaining extra FPS on demanding games, forcing you to buy top of the line cards.... scaling & interpolation is not a good thing on ANY LCD monitor and anything outside native res = blurry crap.
I can't understand why ANY, even non professional user, and game would settle with dithered, fake 24bit over smooth, color accurate CRTs anyways.... kind of stepping backwards now is it ?
I'd expect that in 2009 things would get better but it's getting worse and worse. I think i'll wait for the multi-led monitors, I'll pass on the single backlight CRAP.
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