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Default Novice overclocker could use some guidance!

Hey folks, I've started to get into the overclocking fun, but could use a little hand holding. :)

My components:
Asus M4A78-E Mobo
Corsair DDR2 800 CL 5-5-5-18 Ram

I'm currently just fooling around using AMD's overdrive utility and have reached 3.6 just using the multiplier (x18), but this required a slight voltage boost to 1.425 (the top end of the rated spec I believe). Temps are 33-34ish under load. I could reach 3.5 with no voltage boost. No luck reaching 3.7 with just the multiplier..

So what's the next step? Do I move up the HTT clock? Is this where I start going to RAM (I find the whole RAM/FSB multiplier rather confusing despite all the guides :(). I would like to reach 3.7-3.8..preferably without having to push the voltage any higher.
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