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Originally Posted by swing84 View Post
I am not quite sure what question that you want answered because you gave a lot of information.

You stated that you want only one card, in that case I would keep the 4890.

If you meant that you want two of only one kind of card, 4870 or 4890, I would still go with the 4890.

I am a little concerned that a CF using a 4870/4890 combo was faster than two 4890s. I would install only the 4890 that you purchased online and benchmark it, check temps, and use CCC or another program to verify core and memory speeds.

I would then take that video card out and install the other 4890 and perform the same tests and checks.

After verifying the speed and temps of both 4890s I would look for differences because it seems as though one of the 4890s is slowing down to match the speed of the other 4890. Even if one or both PCIe slots slowed to 8x when in crossfire, the same would happen with the 4870/4890 crossfire.

Without any further information I would suspect the 4890 that you purchased online.
I only have 1 4890 and 1 4870. My CF setup lies between a 4870 CF setup and a 4890 CF setup.

I think I'll just list both cards and see what I can get from them.

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