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Default Lighting case mod any good without led fans?

Can a case mod look any good without led fans? Every site I go to seems to have windowed cases, with led fans and cold cathodes and UV.... However I think this would be an extreme waste of money in my case.... My case is a Lian Li PC-7 plus II, it takes 2 - 120mm fans and 1 - 80mm chimney fan. I only have 1 generic 120mm red led fan, 2 Stock 120mm Lian Li fans, and 2 - 120mm Yate Loon fans. So I have plenty of fans and good ones at that... Problem is they are not led fans. So... Does anyone know if a good looking lighting mod can be pulled off with just a dual cold cathode kit? Also anyone know of some good pics of such a build... I'm including a link to my case build...
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