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My System Specs


The 1.79v was shown in bios "health" page. Also, HWMonitor shows VIN 1.79. When I tested the cpu stability, I ran the ram at 1066 speed, and left voltage at auto. After I am done with cpu stability, I started to bring ram up the speed of stated spec, but forgot to set the voltage and left it at auto. It ran for about 3-4 hours and was stable. There are some ram's from OCZ that people run with 1.8v, but maybe not this one. I have run it at 1.64v and QPI at 1.3v, but not stable. I'll increase QPI, but I really question the benefit since running it at 1520 at loose timing, instead of 1600 at the tighter timing gave the same bandwidth (according to memtest86+ v2.11).

I am out of town, so cannot do any more testing until next week.
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