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Originally Posted by hidef View Post
Hello, im new to this forum and need some help making a HTPC.

can anyone give me some tips on best model and performance for the money for making this PC from scratch?

heres what i need:

cpu (intel only please)
hard drive
video card
dvd burner

i want to do alot of video converting, alot of internet downloading as well as
streaming through my PS3 all the different audio and video to my HT setup.
I already have the Wireless network in my house.

I would like to.. lets say convert video, play my MP3's and surf the net, maybe play some yahoo games all at once without suffering speed lag.
Maybe stream video content to my PS3 while downloading content from the internet at the same time without lag to my HT.

Oh, and i cant spend more than 600$ for the whole thing...

any advice would be really appreciated. thanks
Not sure about the rest, but streaming to a ps3 is painful and slow! I've tried it with 3 different programs.
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