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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Hmmmmmm I don't honestly know but going into standby I doubt would damage anything.
So, let me just understand Sequance of Events.

- WoW Is Running
- You Put Computer into Standby
- Morning Comes and its not in Standby or even on?
- Power Switch No longer works?

Look at your mother board for any Bulging Cap's too just on the off chance.

Have you looked for any Bulging Caps on/in your PSU, something could have happend in there. I had my last PSU die where it showed power to the mobo and NIC but would not turn on and there was a nice row of blow caps i could see in the back through the fan.

Also, thats what happens with WoW, its a hardware homewrecker! (making a joke, no one take the statement seriously)
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